تهران، خیابان گاندی، کوچه سیزدهم، پلاک14

تهران، خیابان گاندی، کوچه سیزدهم، پلاک14

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Types of insurance

بیمه باربری

Marine Insurance

Marine insurance provides coverage for loss or damage against perils of sea or other penil in shipment ...

بیمه مهندسی

Engineering Insurance

Engineering services insurance such as all contractor risk, installation and ...

بیمه خودرو

Vehicle Insurance

Various car insurance such as third party insurance, travel insurance and Collision and Comprehensive Insurance, etc.

بیمه زندگی

Life Insurance

Various plans for life insurance such as Ayandesaz,Tolou,Omid,etc.

What do you know about Razi life insurance?

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History of Razi Insurance Company

Razi Insurance Company Based on the Law of the Establishment of Non-Governmental Insurance Institutions, approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly on August 28, 2001, and License No. 5194 dated 18/05/2003 of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran, aimed at developing the insurance culture, promoting the quality of insurance services and expanding the competitive environment in the industry,  started its activities as the first private insurance company in Iran since the beginning of 2003 with a capital of 140,000 million Rials, which in the year 2014 and after the last time of capital increase, this amount has reached 2,000 billion Rials. In the year 2013, the stockholders’ composition changed and at the moment a set of natural and legal persons are operating as a shareholder of Razi Insurance Company (Public Company).